15 November 2005

I am having way too much fun with this


02 September 2005


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The view from the lobby of our hotel upwards.

01 September 2005

Made it!

Made it!
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31 August 2005

So frustrated

I just called my employeers payroll hotline to check to see if I qualified for Labor Day as a paid holiday. I don't. If I was to put in another 10 hour day today(giving me 30 for the week, another requirement) I would still end up being 3.5 hours short over the last 26 weeks. I keep pretty exacting records for my time and have been looking through them. It's annoying. If I hadn't taken my anniversary off, I would have qualifed. If I'd put in extra time on some of the weeks where I was short of a full 40, I would have qualified. If I hadn't made an error that shorted myself half a day I'd be closer (note: my manager didn't say anything either when he looked at my card to "check my math" like he does every week. I had worked four 8 hour days and one 4 hour day and just went "4x8 is 32" and wrote that as my time even though 8+8+8+8+4=36). It's just frustrating.

20 June 2005


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23 May 2005

Blood tastes like Cocoa

So, I had fake blood thrown on my face last night and that was cool. I hope that the comic (graphic novel? sequential art? photo book?) turns out well for Rosalie and JJ. The scenes that were set up last night seemed pretty good so I'm hopeful. Waiting till the whole thing has been published to read it. Right now I only know the most basic plot outline.

Other news...

Had sushi with Jair at Waraji on Friday night. I honestly don't think I'll be eating sushi anywhere else from now on. The selection there is just too good to pass up and it's not that far away.

Played a lot of World of Warcraft this weekend. I'm only level 14 right now but I've been having a great time with the game. Not once have I felt like I've been level grinding. I have 10 quests queued up to work on plus I've been working on secondary skills like fishing/cooking as well as my profession skills (herbalish/alchemy). I think I need to go back to the newbie zone and pick flowers for a while. My herbalism isn't quite good enough to collect the stuff in my current zone. Ah well.

06 May 2005

Sorry I haven't written in so long. Did you miss me?

Here's a quick list of what's been going on before I bugger off again.

1). Still in process of ordering Mac. V. much looking forward to it.
2). Went to Junior League of Raleigh thing with Annie. Met her friends and friends husbands and had fun and bad barbecue.
3). Grandfather had a stroke but he's recovering nicely.
4). Asian party was fantastic with many awesome people and good food.
5). Have had whole area at work shaken and rearranged. It was very much like being in an etch-a-sketch for me this week but it's all too the good so no real complaints.
6). Parties and movies and walks this weekend.
7). Was on OLN when they showed the Tom Boonen interview during the Tour de Georgia stage 5 coverage.
8). Making plans for Dragon*Con. Very excited about that.